Give Rise To Your Voice

jessica boylston fagondeWith Jessica Boylston-Fagonde

February 3rd – 4th @ Yoga Collective

During this weekend workshop, Jessica invites you to investigate your identity and mission as a yoga teacher—who are you and what is your unique offering for the benefit of your work, students, and community. Using simple concepts that make the complexity of who you are more revealing, she facilitates a riveting exploratory discussion that naturally evokes the senses, stirs the soul, and inspires a creative way to see your mission as a teacher more clearly.

With investigative exercises and group dialogue, you’ll:

  • Anchor yourself more confidently to your voice.
  • Give rise to your ideas and what you feel you’re ready to share with the world.
  • Learn tangible ways to support your career path as a teacher.
  • Connect to your unique gifts and find confidence in your yoga offering.
  • Define and align with your mission.

Bring a journal and a pen.

Saturday 12-3pm
Courage: The unknown path

Dive into who you are, your uniqueness and what has led you to signing up for this training.
Connect to the parts of yourself that ground you to the work that you are ready to do. Define your guiding principles and prep for your mission.

Saturday 4-7pm
Grace: The seat of the teacher

Learn to come at yourself from a different perspective, from a place of deep humility and to draw strength from a sense of knowing you are exactly where you’re meant to be. From this place of strength, you will set intention and a course of action to bring your mission alive and to provide potential.

Sunday 11am-2pm
Voice: Stepping in and stepping up

Discover ways to become more confident in your voice and your path as teacher. Explore ways to step in and step up as a leader in your community and beyond.

Cost: $160/weekend. $55 drop-in, available for Sat 12pm only. Register here.

About Jessica
Jessica Boylston-Fagonde’s mission is to help individuals and organizations give rise to their unique voices and empower their missions for positive social change. Jessica’s approach is informed by two decades of experience working in creative branding and marketing, professional and personal development, and the nonprofit sector. In her hometown of Charleston, SC, she’s the executive director of Further Fund and the founder of Ideas Into Action. She’s the executive producer of the documentary, Overalls and Aprons and one of the co-founders of Arm-In-Arm. Her work has been featured in the book, Theme Weaver, and she was voted 50 Most Progressive of 2016 by Charlie Magazine.