Dirty South Yoga Fest

August 9th – 11th

Join me along with an amazing line-up of teachers at Dirty South Yoga Fest! I am teaching Friday, August 9th at 1:30pm – details below.
Get your tickets at www.dirtysouthyogafest.com

You are, and life is, infinitely more than what you have known thus far.

Heart-Core Astonishment

The yoga of the Heart is not a yoga of restraint and detachment, but one of astonished recognition and ecstatic freedom. The Heart, or Hridaya, from Tantric yoga, is the blissful, pulsating core of existence. It is our own deepest nature, and the essence of everything, full of meaningfulness, beauty, and grace. We have glimpses of this deeper reality and we yearn for more access. It is this desire that brings us to our practice. Our body-minds mirror this truth with how we feel so limited in our outer identity and perceived capacities. Yet, deeper is our beating heart and pulsating breath, the desire to know, and reality of the Heart itself. Yoga unites our outer expression with its limitless inner dimensions, transforming our experience and revealing – with astonishment – something more unbounded, powerful, real, and free. Join Gina for a living, breathing practice of full-body core work to connect with what integrates, supports, and inspires. Aligned with the Heart-Core, we’ll explore our creative expression in Chamatkarasana, (literally “Astonishment Pose,” aka Wild Thing) and other heart-opening backbends, breath-work, and meditation. You are, and life is, infinitely more than what you have known thus far. All levels welcome.