Resignation Letter


My resignation statement ~

I was on the fence for a while, half way out, able to see both sides, still holding onto hope for a new beginning for Anusara yoga. I respected deeply those who left as a statement of their love, and for those, out of their love, who stayed to work to rebuild. I am so saddened and disappointed that John Friend continues forward in complete denial and delusion regarding the havoc his actions have wreaked in our community and our beloved Anusara. I now stand for Anusara yoga and the Anusara community in leaving Anusara, Inc. I am resigning now, holding my license until my teaching commitments are fulfilled this year.

I devoted 11 years to the beautiful path of Anusara yoga, and was honored and delighted to be a certified teacher for 6. It’s been such a pure joy to share Anusara’s methodology and to gather with those heart-attracted to its promise. My time with the kula practicing with John and so many of our bright teachers were some of the best of my life. I grew so much in the structure and grace of the method and in the loving embrace of community. I am endlessly grateful for all I learned from John and all of the truly transformational moments he seemed to create for me. It was truly magic. I will continue to honor him as appropriate for what I know and how his care for me changed my life.

I will continue to teach Anusara yoga, not as a licensed teacher, but as a devotee to the grace contained within it. I breathe the Universal Principles of Alignment, and walk in the landscape they represent. ‘Anusara’ is so much bigger than a yoga system. Anusara is a way of alignment with and service to grace. It is about freedom. I have experienced Anusara yoga to be a radical and incredibly potent methodology to learn, to practice, what it means to ‘flow with Grace.” It’s beautiful to me how practicing Anusara is carrying so many of us beyond the system of Anusara. It’s as it should be. And so I will continue to teach this beautiful method of yoga out of freedom, out of the choice to do so, for however long that remains true.

Dear Kula, you are among the most amazing people I have known. I am most heartbroken about what has happened to us, and the loss of our collaborative experience in teaching Anusara yoga. I know that what is real and most true about our connection remains, and I have great hope for the continuation of a wonderful collaboration together. It was for you that I finally was launched to the other side of the fence. When he marginalized and degraded you by calling you vicious and emotionally negative and reactive, simply for speaking your truth, I was over the edge and not looking back. I stand with you. I hope that as the dust settles and we are on the other side of the mire-wandering that our fractures will heal and our connections will be made new. This is such a catastrophe – so charged for everyone – it’s messy how it is playing out. I believe in grace, not as some evasive affirmation, but in that which heals and makes real again.

The fear, clinging, and doubt are dissolving, and authenticity and freedom are emerging. As the moon wanes I pray that Anusara yoga dies in my heart and is made new and more beautiful than ever with each one of you as we begin again with growing light. Om Namah Shivaya.