Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training

Tantra | Dynamic Alignment | Ayurveda
Full Spectrum Living

With Gina Minyard, E-RYT 500

At Yoga Collective

Current Advanced 300-hour Teacher Training is in process. Next opportunity TBA. Click here for remaining guest modules that are open to the public.

“Know Yourself, Unfold Yourself”

For all yoga teachers at the 200-hour level. This Advanced 300-hour Teacher Training course will qualify existing 200-hour Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT 200) for registration at the 500-hour level (RYT 500) with Yoga Alliance through Yoga Collective.

Deepen your personal practice and experience of the arts and techniques of yoga practice and philosophy through:

Tantric Yoga philosophy | Mythology | Alignment-Based Asana | Pranayama & Meditation | Ayurveda | Applied Psychology for Yogis | Practical Sanskrit | History of Yoga

Fortify and refine your teaching skills and presence:

Asana and Alignment Clinics | Sequencing | Class Planning | Theme Development |Voice Coaching & Languaging Skills | Observation | Verbal Adjustments | Hands-On Adjustments | Anatomy & Physiology | Applied Remedial Benefits | Branding & Business of Yoga | Special Populations | Teacher Ethics

Along with individual group mentoring, guided process and personal growth work, professional development, and electives. Please read about the 200-hour Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training for more information on the premise of this training.

Gina Minyard
Sarah Faircloth
Marc Holzman
Livia Cohen-Shapiro
Ellen Saltonstall
Marcy Bravermen-Goldstein, PhD
Jessica Boylston-Fagonde
Dr. Camden Clay
… and other special guests!

The required weekends of this training consist of Advanced Immersion, Teacher Training, and Guest Experts. Additionally, weekend workshops with master internationally renowned yoga teachers will be offered as electives for the course.

Advanced Immersion is a profound dive into theory of the practice – philosophy and technique – along with the practice of the practice – alignment-based asana, pranayama, and meditation – and contemplation exercises to assimilate the teachings. Fundamentally a yoga teacher is a yoga student, drawing from their own experience, and these weekends are about never-ending inner journey and outer unfolding of the yogi. These weekends are open to the public and are best suited to graduates of the BODY of LIGHT 100-hour Yoga Immersion or the Immersion Intensive held Feb 10-12, 2017. Click here for descriptions and details for Advanced Immersion and Guest Teacher Modules!

Advanced Immersion Weekends:
Mar 3-5, 2017: Gina Minyard
Shaivite Tantric yoga philosophy through the study of the Shiva Sutras

Mar 31-April 2, 2017 – Sarah Faircloth
Shri Vidya Tantric Yoga Philosophy and Hindu Mythology

Teacher Training weekends are dedicated to the theory and practice of the art and science of teaching yoga – sequencing, theming, observations and adjustments, modifications and contraindications, cueing and voice, demonstrations, and so much more. There will be philosophical themes and personal yoga practice, but with more behind-the-scenes emphasis and exploration as it pertains to teaching yoga, along with practical exercises and clinics to develop teaching skills and personal growth. Primarily led by Gina Minyard, these weekends will include some specialized guest teachers as well. Teacher Training weekends are open only to enrolled training participants to nurture the container of personal growth within this cohort.

Teacher Training Weekends with Gina Minyard:
2017: May 19-21, August 18-20, Oct 6-8
2018: Feb 2-4, Mar 16-18

Guest Expert weekends bring in specialized presenters for a well-rounded and integrated skillset for the advanced teacher in training. Fields included are: Anatomy, Physiology, and Yoga Therapeutics, Branding and Personal/Professional Development, Applied Psychology for Yogis, Sanskrit and History of Yoga, and Ayurveda for the Yoga Teacher. These weekends will be open to the public. Click here for descriptions and details for Advanced Immersion and Guest Teacher Modules!

Guest Expert Weekends:

May 20-21: Marcy Braverman-Goldstein
Sanskrit Revolution & History of Yoga Timeline (part of the Teacher Training weekend)

June 9-11: Ellen Saltonstall
Musculoskeletal considerations in yoga practice: Applied Anatomy and Alignment for addressing and avoiding common injuries.

Sept 15-17: Ellen Saltonstall
Overview of organ system physiology for yoga teachers and understanding common medical conditions and how yoga can be of benefit.

Dec 1-3: Livia Cohen-Shapiro
Applied Psychology for Yogis

Jan 12-14: Marc Holzman
Ayurveda for the Yoga Teacher

Feb 2-4: Jessica Boylston-Fagonde
Give Rise to Your Voice

Weekend Workshops as Electives:
July 29-30, 2017: Christina Sell
Oct 27-19, 2017: Todd Norian
Feb 23-25, 2018: Desiree Rumbaugh

Dates summary:
Feb 10-12 – Immersion Intensive – Gina
Mar 3-5 – Advanced Immersion – Gina Minyard
Mar 31-April 2 – Advanced Immersion – Sarah Faircloth

May 19-21: Teacher Training – Gina Minyard, with Guest Teacher Marcy Braverman-Goldstein
June 9-11: Guest Expert – Ellen Saltonstall
*(Elective: July 29-30: Christina Sell weekend workshop)*
Aug 18-20: Teacher Training – Gina Minyard
Sept 15-17: Guest Expert – Ellen Saltonstall
Oct 6-8: Teacher Training – Gina Minyard
*(Elective: Oct 27-29: Todd Norian Weekend Workshop)*
Dec 1-3: Guest Expert – Livia Cohen-Shapiro

Jan 12-14:  Guest Expert – Marc Holzman
Feb 2-4:  Guest Expert – Jessica Boylston-Fagonde
*(Elective: Feb 23-25: Desiree Rumbaugh Weekend Workshop)*
Mar 16-18: Teacher Training – Gina Minyard

Click here for descriptions and details for Advanced Immersion and Guest Teacher Modules!

More details for each weekend will be posted as they become available. Most weekends will be Fridays 1:30pm-8pm, and Saturdays and Sundays 9:30am to 7pm (with a 2 hour lunch break).

Fees and Payments:Full details of fees and payment plans, as well as other important details can be found in the Orientation Letter here: 300-hourtrainingorientationletterrevised-1