For Beginners

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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga offers many benefits to body, mind and spirit. The body becomes more flexible and toned, and all organ systems become revitalized and balanced, promoting good health. The nervous system especially is soothed which promotes well-being and a feeling of calm. The mind becomes more clear and focused. Bringing about greater vitality and clarity of mind opens the opportunity for spiritual connection in the heart. Also, the body/mind experiences a re-programming of old habits and patterns allowing a new and full response to life.

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What to Expect

Most yoga classes are an hour to an hour and a half. They usually begin with a centering and breath awareness. The bulk of the class consists of asana, or postures, which can vary in types of postures and intensity depending on the theme of the class and the level. Finally, at the end of class there is sometimes pranayama, or breathwork, and always a long relaxation, along with a meditation or centering to take in deeply the experience of the practice. If it is your first time to a class it’s a good idea to arrive early and introduce yourself to the teacher as well as let him/her know if you have any medical considerations or injuries.

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What You Need

– A sticky mat (many facilities have these to use or rent)

– Clothing in which you can move freely

– Optional blanket, block, and strap (most facilities have these to use)

– Water

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More Tips

– Do not practice yoga for 3 hours after a heavy meal, or 1 hour after a snack

– Turn off your cell phone during class

– In a studio environment, it is customary to remove your shoes before entering the practice room

– Sticky mats work the best with bare feet, so remove your socks

– Refrain from wearing heavy fragrances, as it can be distracting or irritating to other students