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With Gina Minyard, E-RYT 500

At Yoga Collective

 Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training 200-hour program – Begins August 2018

Part 1 Yoga Immersion is for any student of yoga wishing to go deeper into their practice, whether or not they wish to teach. Part 2 Teacher Training follows the Immersion, and is for those wishing to become yoga teachers. Part 1 Immersion + Part 2 Teacher Training together create the Yoga Alliance registered 200-hour Teacher Training program. Read on for more…

2018 Immersion Dates: Aug 11-12, Sept 8-9, Sept 29-30, Oct 13-14, Nov 3-4, Dec 1-2
2019 Teacher Training Dates: Begins Jan/Feb 2019 – TBA
*Dates subject to change

PART 1: BODY of LIGHT 100-hour Yoga Immersion

“I am connected to everything that exists, and from within that vastness, I call forward my life.” – Paul Muller-Ortega

Luminous Teachings
Grand vision and practical understanding is the basis of study and practice of this course, supporting both an expanded perspective AND a deeper, more empowered engagement with our circumstances. Tantric yoga philosophy begins with Supreme Consciousness, the one transcendent reality, the unitary, absolute Light, which eternally refracts into the spectrum of the relative, into the universe and each one of us. This manifesting process unfolds in patterns and sequences of deep order, reflecting finally into the template of the five elements, a profound paradigm that offers a map to our deepest Self as well as informs our most embodied and skillful self-cultivation.

Radiant Practice
The hatha yoga practice that emerges from the Tantric tradition seeks to alchemize the body, mind, and heart of the yogi so that the teachings come alive and life is uplifted and refined. Learn the dynamic alignment principles and unifying actions that embody the five elements of the Tantric philosophical vision, making the mystical practical and the practical radically empowered. These alignment principles bring methodical understanding to the body in every class of pose, progressively opening possibility and expanding consciousness through the balance of opposing energies. Each principle reverberates with embodied metaphor and meaning, evoking and making real through practice the illuminating and grace-filled teachings of Tantra.

Immerse yourself not only to discover a strong and beautiful yoga practice to know yourself more fully, but also a practice of how you wish to live and what you wish to offer to the world.

Tantric yoga philosophy and systematic, principled hatha yoga practice, then, is the basis for the BODY of LIGHT Immersion, along with a comparative study of the yoga tradition and key teachings of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita. These explorations will be anchored in fundamental anatomical studies, subtle body anatomy (chakras, koshas, and vayus), and the living wisdom of Ayurveda to ground the practice deep into every aspect of lifestyle and self-understanding.

Immersion topics include:
Dynamic alignment principles | Tantric yoga philosophy | Comparative yoga studies | Yoga Sutras of Patanjali | Bhagavad Gita | Anatomy and biomechanics | Subtle body anatomy | Studentship | Ayurveda
…And so much more!

Each Immersion weekend includes asana, pranayama, and meditation, along with lectures, contemplation and journaling, one-on-one and group sharing. Study materials will be provided along with additional reading. Each weekend build and develops progressively on the information presented previously.

This 100-hour Immersion is for any sincere student of yoga as a course for its own sake, for the commitment to living in greater truth and with ever-expanding freedom, the promise of yoga. It is also the basis for continuing into Body of Light 100-hour Teacher Training, with the completion of both qualifying for registration with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level through Yoga Collective. Keep reading below for more details on the 200-hour program.

Pre-requisite: 30 hours or 3 months of regular yoga practice. A minimum of 2 classes at Yoga Collective, one with Gina Minyard.

Cost: $1200

Contact Gina for more details and to register. Application for BODY OF LIGHT Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training


PART 2: BODY of LIGHT 100-hour Teacher Training

Life is a gift, yoga is its blessing. – Dr. Douglas Brooks

Illuminate – To teach yoga is a natural outpouring of service: to share the blessing of a life-uplifting practice. Having deepened your yoga knowledge and practice through Immersion, these next five weekends are dedicated to the art of teaching, which grows primarily from your own practice and self-discovery. Become an empowered and empowering yoga teacher in a supportive environment that nurtures this transformational journey.

Learn effective, potent skills and tools that touch the heart, inspire the mind, and transform the body of your students. Master the elemental alignment principles and dynamic actions learned in Immersion and how to present them effectively. Channel life-affirming Tantric yoga philosophy into meaningful attitudinal themes for yoga practice. Discover your own voice and presence as a yoga teacher grounded in sound teaching methodology. Finally, continue in daily practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation geared towards awakening and supporting the inner teacher.

Develop and hone your teaching skills through:
Instructing with the breath | Effective languaging skills | Finding your authentic voice | Observation skills | Verbal adjustments | Hands-on adjustments | Demonstration skills

Learn and practice:
Class planning for all levels of classes and teaching environments | Sequencing strategies for engaging and inspiring instruction | Creating and weaving meaningful attitudinal themes | Contraindications, modifications, and refinements | Alignment for injury prevention and healing | Yoga for special populations | The business of yoga | Ethical guidelines for teachers | Taking the seat of the teacher | …and more

This training is both for new teachers as well as for existing teachers wishing to refine their skills for greater confidence and clarity. Each weekend includes personal practice, informative lectures, one-on-one and group practice teaching sessions, participation in public classes, contemplation and sharing, and homework assignments. Study materials are provided along with additional reading. This 100-hour Teacher Training follows the 100-hour Body of Light Immersion. The completion of Immersion and Teacher Training qualify for registration with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level through Yoga Collective.

s01-ya-school-rys-200Prerequisite: Body of Light 100-hour Yoga Immersion

Cost: $1460

At Yoga Collective. Contact gina@ginaminyard.com for more information and to register. Application for BODY OF LIGHT Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training

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