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Advanced PRACTICE @ Yoga Collective

Wednesdays 10:00am – 11:40am
Saturdays 12:00 – 2:00pm

Group practice format, where the instructor practices with the students, harnessing collective energy and intention. Sequenced for deepening and expansion; appropriate for experienced students and teachers.

Visit Yoga Collective’s Live Schedule for up to date teachers and occasional cancellations for Saturday PRACTICE.

WORKSHOPS @ Yoga Collective

Occasional Saturdays

Saturday, January 12th, 3-5pm
Inversion Fundamentals

Inversions are powerful poses that center, stimulate, balance and clarify our bodies and minds. They also challenge and excite our hearts as we endeavor to turn our world upside-down. In this workshop we’ll explore the basics of Handstand, Headstand, and Shoulderstand, working with fundamental alignment and technique, as well as props, to safely bring these poses into regular practice. For those new to inversions or wanting to refine their technique. Some yoga experience recommended.

$30. Pre-registration is recommended as space is limited. Register at

WORKSHOPS @ Peachtree Yoga Center

Sunday, Dec 9th, 2018, 3-5pm
Sweet Psoas Release

The amazing ilio-psoas muscle is the most core of the core, supporting our movement, our posture, our breath. When the psoas is bound or imbalanced, our structure suffers in a myriad of ways – including low back, hip and knee pain – and the free flow of vitality is blocked. Learn this muscle’s story from anatomy to energy, including stress and emotion, and how best to care for it through alignment – how to balance, unravel, and release it effectively, and how every pose is really about this muscle. Join Gina for a workshop that will bring clearing, grounding, and opening to your body and energy flow, your mind and heart. All levels welcome, for yoga students and teachers alike.

$40. Register here.

Initiation into Neelakantha Meditation

Jan 20th, and by appointment – Click here for details
Free Talk – Jan 5th @ Yoga Collective


200-hour Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training Begins August 2018. More details here.