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Part 2!: Evolving Beyond the Yoga Sutras: The Tantric Householder Path

Saturday, June 19th, 4pm

Classical Yoga philosophy describes a path of separation and stillness, a freedom that is apart from life, which requires renunciation and detachment to achieve. Modern lovers of yoga seeking to ground themselves in its philosophy may rightfully balk at this injunction to turn away from worldly life. Evolving at the same time though in the Indian stream was Tantric Yoga, a path of practice and spirituality of radical unity, dynamic aliveness, and embodied liberation for those engaged in the world. Though this path was lost in the flow of time, it is making a resurgence, and offers a perspective that is more accessible, and still as transformational, to the modern, householder practitioner, for whom renunciation is neither possible or desired. 

Together we’ll explore the teachings of freedom of the Shaiva-Shakta school of Tantra, which picks up where the Classical Yoga Sutras leave off, with an overview of its vision and an introduction to its root text – the Shiva Sutras. Here we find an evolved perspective, an expansive view of grace, freedom, and knowledge, and the astonishment of the embodied, integrated yogic journey. Interestingly, it is Tantra, not Classical Yoga, that is the tradition from which modern hatha yoga evolves. How wonderful and important to reclaim the philosophy that supports rather than denies worldly engagement – and not only that, facilitates individual refinement and fulfillment in the process!

Gina Minyard, E-RYT 500, is an Acharya, an Authorized Teacher of Neelakantha Meditation as taught in Blue Throat Yoga, a modern school of Shaiva-Shakta Tantra, in which she has engaged in profound, devoted practice and study for more than a decade. A beloved teacher in the Atlanta yoga community, she brings the depth of her long time engagement with both postural practice and meditation and her breadth of knowledge into lively and relatable teachings.

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