Earth Care is Self Care

A Day of Service with Yogardener and Roots Real Estate
Saturdays Nov 20, Dec 18, Jan 29, Feb 26

Yogardener, Reforest ATL, and Roots Real Estate have joined forces to bring an experiential community healing journey to life!This is an earnest effort to help make everyone in our neighborhood aware of the intimate bond that we share with the trees that shade our homes and to combat the forces that would hurt our Arboreal Protectors.By providing a safe & facilitated mind, body and spirit enlivening lineup of amazing wellness practitioners and critical service to every single living thing in our immediate surroundings, we hope that attendees will see that when we care for the Earth we care for Ourselves.

12PM: Registration/Orientation/Intention Setting with Reya Sol
1230PM: Yoga with Gina Minyard
1:15PM: Breathwork With Everarde Calk from Yogardener
1:30PM: Authentic Relating and Ethical Wild Harvesting with Reya Sol
2:00PM: Invasive Species Education With Kate from Reforest ATL
2:30PM: Canopy Liberation-Removing Ivy & Kudzu From Trees
5:30PM: Community Nourishment @ 2799 Flagstone Drive
7:30PM: Soundbath with Hara Ananda

Free! Register at!