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Yoga & Mantra Music with Gina & Gershone

Yoga and live music together reach where separately they cannot go alone. Join us to ground, elevate, and resonate your body, mind, and spirit as we flow in the vibrational synergy of movement, music, and mantra. With decades of devoted practice and offerings between them, Gina and Gershone weave together their respective arts to invite you into communion, bliss, and presence – deeper into your heart and into connection with each other.

KIRTAN BLISS – Mantra & Heart Song Experience with Gershone & Gina

Gershone and Gina are a dynamic duo that bring a unique sound to their high energy mantra music offering, sharing the power of mantra as medicine with ecstatic devotion. Fusing elements of traditional kirtan with improv trance, rockin’ grooves, with sweet harmonies and deep spaces that move energy and uplift the heart in the collective experience of Bhakti Yoga. Together Gershone and Gina weave a tapestry of sound, love, and wisdom. Come as you are – sit and receive, or chant and move with us!

About Gina & Gershone
When two who have devoted their lives to their art join forces, the creative chemistry is contagious. Gina Minyard and Gershone Hendelberg have more than four decades of practice, teaching, and experience between them in yogic arts and bhakti bliss. Together, they commit their body, mind, heart, breath, and voice in service to the Most High and the majesty of its manifest expressions. In their offerings of yoga, music, meditation, kirtan, and satsang, they invite others into the grounding, elevating, and ever-expanding process of tuning their own divine instruments, and to come together in transformational alchemy, joyful communion, sacred embodiment, and ecstatic celebration. Join them for classes, workshops, trainings, and retreats nationally and worldwide. Learn more about Gershone here.

Join us for our Yoga & Mantra Music experience! EMBODIED BLISS includes a slow flow yoga practice (What is Embodied Bliss?) and FLOWING NECTAR (What is Flowing Nectar?) is gentle yoga. Both are accessible to all levels, and culminate in an extended period of deeper restoration and reflection, and all in synergy with the live music and chanting. Yes, we’ll sing and dance in collective energy as we finish our time together!

Our stand-alone music offering is KIRTAN BLISS MANTRA MUSIC & HEART SONG EXPERIENCE. Together we commune and expand in the yoga of devotion chanting ancient mantras and modern heart songs to inspired melodies and beats. (What is Mantra Music & Heart Song Experience?)

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