Deep Meditation

Neelakantha Meditation as Taught in Blue Throat Yoga is easy to learn and practice, and is governed by the principle of effortlessness. It is a profound practice that works to bring about transformation, healing, and benevolence. It does not involve concentration, controlling the mind, or other forms of effortful manipulation of awareness. It does not require that you have any particular beliefs, any previous study or specific background in order to learn it and practice it with great benefit. For this reason, it is a practice that anyone can learn. Even those who have had difficulty meditating in the past are surprised at how easily and deeply they can meditate after receiving Initiation into Neelakantha Meditation.

Benefits of Neelakantha Meditation include:

  • Profound renewal and rejuvenation to body and mind
  • Stress relief
  • Increased creativity, serenity, fortitude, and compassion
  • Deeper capacity to engage in life’s demands and delights
  • Increased sense of connection, fulfillment, and meaningfulness

Neelakantha Meditation is a living practice, learned through a 2-day process of personal, formal instruction, or DIKSHA.  Often translated as “initiation,” it more specifically and literally means a process by which something needed is given and that which hinders is removed. These 2 days of instruction involve a 2-hour session where your learn your practice individually with Gina, usually scheduled on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Then, we meet again in small groups for the Key Teachings day – usually the Sunday that follows – where you receive important understandings about your practice and what to expect, in order to prepare you for the journey of establishing a regular, self-sufficient practice of daily meditation.

In addition to beginning your practice in this 2-day process, you will receive regular ongoing support from Gina in the form of group meditations and access to any future Key Teachings day free of charge.  As part of your tuition for initiation into Neelakantha Meditation you’ll also receive 18-months of online support through Blue Throat Yoga, including access to the online library of recordings of past support calls both with Prof. Paul Muller-Ortega, PhD, the founder of Blue Throat Yoga, and the Guiding Group (advanced students who support those who are learning to meditate) as well as access to live calls in the future. There’s also an audio FAQ section, and recordings of key teachings to support your practice, and much more.

Student Testimonials:

“Neelakantha meditation has amplified all the efforts I make towards my own well being and the world around me – it’s  not just working on me, it is working through me. The result is a balanced life. I feel grounded, supported, and connected in a way that is ever deepening.  I get the sense that it “happens” at different rates for different people, depending on various life conditions.  I myself am a survivor of trauma and addiction, so I guess I would describe myself as having been worn out, dulled down, exhausted, and so on.  Each daily practice brings with it greater psychological, bodily, and emotional healing and clarity. Again, I don’t always recognize it. I would say it is incremental in my experience, but consistent and reliable as can be. I have experienced benefits in tangible terms – how I relate to others, my ability to perform at work, and so on. My desire for and participation in life has been renewed. I used to try to escape quite a bit, but this “Householder” practice has helped me to understand that right here is where it is at. I feel incredibly blessed to have been initiated into this practice by Gina Minyard.  Her knowledge and experience, her compassion, empathy, and wisdom, her support and guidance, her energy and authenticity… what can I say? She’s the real deal. ” – M.J.

“Gina Minyard initiated me into this potent practice several years ago. I immediately felt a difference in my life, particularly in my access to intuition and depth of knowing that was authentic and real. She is a thoughtful, kind, committed teacher of the yogic arts and would be an excellent guide for anyone wanting to deepen their life experience with meditation. I wholeheartedly recommend her work and this offering. “

Christina Sell

Tuition for this course of meditation is $450. Please contact Gina for more details and registration.

Gina Minyard is an Authorized Teacher of Neelakantha Meditation. She is arranging ongoing opportunities for the formal, personal instruction into Neelakantha Meditation. Contact her for more information.

Upcoming Events:

  • Initiation into Neelakantha Meditation: May 3-5, 2024 and by appointment. Offering both online via Zoom and in person in Atlanta, GA
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