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Advanced PRACTICE @ Yoga Collective

Madison Best Photography
Madison Best Photography

Wednesdays 10:00am – 11:45am – ONLINE VIA ZOOM

Group practice format, where the instructor practices with the students, harnessing collective energy and intention. Sequenced for deepening and expansion; appropriate for experienced students and teachers.

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WORKSHOPS @ Yoga Collective

Saturdays 3-5pm, TBA

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WORKSHOPS @ Lift Yoga Dunwoody

Sweet Psoas Release
Saturday, March 13th, 3-5pm

In these unprecedented times, we are feeling all the shades of stress as we face so much change and uncertainty. The ilio-psoas muscle is one of the places we hold our deepest tension. When bound or imbalanced, we literally can not breathe fully enough, and this constriction disconnects us from life’s deepest support.

In this workshop, learn this muscle’s story from anatomy to energy, and how best to care for it through alignment – how to balance, strengthen, and unravel it effectively, and how to bring this awareness back into your regular practice. To release the psoas is to bring clearing, grounding, and opening to your body and energy flow, your mind and heart; and through this, to be able to trust more deeply in the flow of life as we navigate these challenging circumstances.

Though yoga can’t solve our problems directly, it can certainly support us in clearing physical and emotional tension, and to tangibly reconnect to – and therefore trust more deeply – the flow of life!

All levels welcome, for yoga students and teachers alike. Limited spaces for in studio. Online option available (registration opening soon).

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WORKSHOPS @ Peachtree Yoga Center

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Learn Neelakantha Meditation

Jan 30th – 31st, and by appointment – Click here for details



200-hour Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training – future dates TBA. More details here.