From Her Students

Kelly Marie Photography
Kelly Marie Photography

To say that Gina’s teaching is brilliant is, at the very least, apt. Better to describe her classes as refined brilliance, reflective of her adamantine core. As her student, I knew immediately that I was in the care of someone knowledgeable and insatiably curious. What a powerful message to send to me, that her learning continues as mine does. It left me feeling completely at ease to question, strive and dig deep within my own yoga practice. I felt encouraged and inspired as she consistently met me as I was. I have a tendency to push myself, and Gina always knew just the right amount of support I needed to stay grounded, and the space I needed to fly. As her student, I was always nourished, and my practice expanded and deepened with every hour I practiced with her. And when I started to feel so full from the practice, it was Gina who gently reminded me of the gifts I could offer as a yoga teacher. Under her guidance, I began my studies to become a certified yoga teacher. Of all the ways I teach, offering yoga to my own students is done as an act of service, and in honor of my own teachers. Just as I learned from Gina. As an educator who works with teachers of all kinds, I know the value of learning from everyone. As a student, I choose my teachers with care. I would choose to study with Gina again and again, for the learning will always offer more. And for that I will always be grateful!
Rebecca Sykes, RYT,

The universe literally led me to yoga, to Anusara, and to Gina at the beginning of the three most challenging years of my life. It was my yoga practice and the teachings that Gina so graciously shared that not only helped me to survive this difficult time, but taught me how to use my life circumstances for my own growth. During these years, I have found Gina to be a kind, generous, humble, and supportive yoga teacher, practitioner, friend, and mentor. Her teaching is nothing short of outstanding, and I have learned SO much from her. She is not only dedicated to the development of her students, but she is also committed to her own sadhana. Witnessing Gina’s growth and transformation during the time I have known her has been a true inspiration to me. There are no words to express the depth of appreciation I feel for finding her and the level of gratitude I hold for all she has given me.
Tina Naegle

Gina teaches with confidence and creativity. When I unroll my mat in her class I know I will be challenged appropriately and will discover new learnings to explore. I leave Gina’s classes with an open body, a spacious mind, and a generous heart.
Maggie Dimon

I love taking your classes Gina, you are truly gifted as a teacher. I have learned so much philosophy from you as well as alignment to progress in poses I never imagined I could do. Thank you for dedicating yourself to teaching and sharing!
Joanie Baumrind

After having practiced yoga for nearly a decade and even becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher, it wasn’t until after my first workshop with Gina that I finally thought to myself ‘THAT’S who I want to teach me about Yoga.’  I realized quickly that Gina not only had the additional information about alignment and biomechanics that I was seeking, but also that she delivered it in a clear and meaningful way.  Her understanding of the body is inspiring and studying with her has transformed my practice.  Her ability to weave the philosophy of yoga into the physical practice – in a way that shows a clear path from mat to life and back again – is fantastic.  Simply said, Gina rocks!
Kristen Leigh

It has been an honor and a privilege to have Gina Minyard as my teacher and friend. I have studied yoga with her on a regular basis since 2004 and have found her tutelage to be invaluable. She is a highly skilled practitioner, articulate, has a broad knowledgeable of asana mechanics and alignment, takes great interest in the yoga community, her students and in her work. Gina is dedicated to the upliftment of her environment and is committed to her own personal practice and sankulpa of yoga asana and meditation. She has studied with many of the top yoga and meditation teachers in the industry and continues to expand her knowledge and understanding on an ongoing basis.
Betsy Blount, E-YRT 500

From my very first Yoga class with Gina, she inspired me to pursue a deeper knowledge of the yoga practice, bringing it all together as we journeyed the teachings and philosophy in the weeks of Immersion Study. Her heartfelt dedication and energy offered compassion, patience, simplicity – The treasures unfolded as we explored what lies beyond the poses, creating a keepsake garden for a life well lived. Thank you Gina.
Peggy Rose Smith

A friend recommended Gina to me several years ago. I was practicing (and teaching) at a couple of different places, but I kept trying new teachers, studios. Looking back, it’s obvious that I hadn’t found my yoga home. Studying with Gina has been the best experience. She’s quite accomplished as a practitioner, which is great, but she is even a better teacher. She has deep knowledge, and she is skilled in how to best communicate to each student. Can’t recommend her highly enough!
Phil Davis, E-RYT 500

Gina is a true professional that shares her extensive knowledge with skill and compassion. Her years of training are apparent as she is a wealth of information and inspiration….she makes you WANT to get better! And I did! My teaching skills improved tremendously after training with Gina…..I highly recommend her!
Kim Saunders, M.Ed., LPC, 500 RYT,

What I appreciate the most about Gina as a yoga teacher is her knowledge of yoga philosophy and her ability to effortlessly weave this knowledge into the classes she teaches.  Gina’s excitement and love for yoga is contagious and I feel quite blessed to have been able to learn and continue to learn from her.
Melanie Kitchens O’Meara

Gina lives what she teaches!  She is extremely knowledgeable about yoga – physical postures and philosophy, and anatomy…her knowledge base is deep and wide!  She is a kind and caring teacher, while also asking her students to practice to the very best of their ability and to grow in their practice.
Jeannie Mahood

I love Gina! She has given me a second home in the world of heart language, and keeps me focused on yoga (big picture yoga). Her teaching is poetic; her knowledge of muscular structure/alignment is phenomenal. Simply put, I love being around her.
Garnet Reardon

Gina is such a skilled and knowledgeable yoga teacher.  After attending just a few of her classes, my classes doubled in size!
Sue Davy